The TaxPro365 Expo

Beyond Taxes | Year-round Growth

Friday, May 17, 2024

Thursday, May 16th & Saturday, May 18th (Optionals)

Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Rainforest, Beach & Golf Resort

Puerto Rico

CE Credits Now Available!

By Popular Demand: You Speak, We Listen – CE Credits Included at The TaxPro365 Expo!

By popular demand, we've added CE credits to The TaxPro365 Expo! We're proud to partner with Freedom Tax School Com, an IRS-approved CE provider. Check our schedule to see which sessions qualify for CE credits. Join us for this exciting update and enhance your professional credentials!


Meet Our 2024 Speakers

From IRS to MBDA to industry leaders, The TaxPro365 Expo hosts a diverse array of presenters. Stay tuned – we’ll be announcing more speakers in the coming weeks.


2024 Content Themes & Trends

  • Funding

  • Cybersecurity

  • Compliance

  • Professional Development

  • Business Growth Strategies

  • Marketing

  • Brand Development

  • Service Expansion and Diversification

  • Small Business Support

  • Resources

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See Why Tax Pros are Excited About The TaxPro365 Expo!

Experience networking with real impact!

Relax | Recharge | Relaunch

Don't miss out—secure your spot today! Join us at the TaxPro365 Expo this May, where tax professionals converge to network and explore new avenues for business growth.

8 Reasons to Attend The TaxPro365 Expo:

  • Get CE Credits and hear directly from IRS speakers.

  • Discover a range of new offerings, from financial and professional services to insurance and estate planning, among others.

  • Prepare for the next tax season early: Wrap up, learn from the past year, and discover ways to improve your practice for a smoother and more successful year ahead.

  • Learn effective marketing strategies to broaden your brand's reach.

  • Access the latest tools, software, and apps

    to enhance business efficiency.

  • Gain valuable resources and funding options tailored for small businesses.

  • Network with fellow tax professionals focused on business growth.

  • Enjoy a relaxing post-tax season break in Puerto Rico

For Tax Professionals Interested in Growing Their Businesses Year-Round.

Engage in meaningful conversations with hundreds of like-minded peers eager to enhance their practices with innovative offerings. Whether you're seeking fresh insights, valuable connections, or simply a moment to refocus, the TaxPro365 Expo provides the ideal platform to wrap up the tax season and relaunch your professional endeavors with renewed energy and purpose.

Registration Tears

Select Your Registration Type

Friday Only



[$247 Onsite!]


  • IRS Presentations

  • Workshops (English)

  • Workshops (Spanish)

  • Exhibits

  • Industry Meetups

  • Speed Networking

Thursday PM & Friday



  • Keynote


  • Workshops (English)

  • Workshops (Spanish)

  • Exhibits

  • Industry Meetups

  • Speed Networking

  • Welcome Pool/Beach Party



Thursday, Friday, & Saturday



  • Keynote


  • Workshops (English)

  • Workshops (Spanish)

  • Exhibits

  • Industry Meetups

  • Speed Networking

  • Express Line at Speed Networking

  • Welcome Pool/Beach Party

Your choice of 2 Networking Meetups:

  • Power Breakfast

  • Tee-Up for Success Golf Outing

  • El Viejo San Juan

    Networking Meetup

  • Mixology Class at Casa Bacardí Networking Meetup

  • El Yunque Natural Waterslide and Rainforest Hike Networking Meetup

Discover Puerto Rico Welcomes The TaxPro365 Expo


Encounter industry-leading speakers representing diverse sectors including the Small Business Administration (SBA), IRS, and industry leaders. Gain insights into essential small business resources such as funding opportunities, marketing strategies, and brand growth. Discover practical approaches to expanding your practice and fostering business development including bookkeeping, financial services, real estate, etc.


Visit our exhibitors to explore diverse business opportunities for year-round sustainability. Discover the latest software, tools and strategies to enhance your tax practice or marketing efforts. Engage with experts in business development to foster growth and stay ahead in a competitive landscape. Maximize your potential with invaluable insights and resources.


Network in Puerto Rico's fun atmosphere, fostering genuine connections and idea exchange. Engage with other tax professionals to gain insights into year-round growth strategies and explore collaborative opportunities. Refine service offerings in a relaxed, conducive environment for productive networking.

Network with tax pros from around the country.

Join us at the only conference tailored exclusively for tax professionals seeking year-round business growth opportunities. Our event is uniquely designed to meet the needs of tax professionals looking to enhance their expertise and expand their businesses.

  • Network

  • Expand your offerings

  • Grow Your Practice

It’s all about business development.

Access the tools and information necessary to expand your practice.

See you in PRaradise...

Unleash Your Potential in Puerto Rico

Discover the ultimate blend of business and leisure at The TaxPro365 Expo. Engage in workshops, connect with fellow tax pros, and immerse yourself in Puerto Rico’s rich culture and scenic beauty. It’s more than an event—it’s an unforgettable experience!


What are the dates and location of The TaxPro365 Expo?

The TaxPro365 Expo will take place on Friday, May 17, 2024 at the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar hotel in Puerto Rico. The optional Thursday, 5/16 and Saturday, 5/18 activities are available for those who wish to extend their stay and enjoy everything else the event has to offer, based on their personal needs and interests.

I understand that the expo is a one-day event focused on education taking place Friday, 5/17. What are the optional networking activities available on Thursday and Saturday?

The TaxPro365 Expo is designed with a clear focus on education and professional growth, taking place exclusively on Friday. This one-day expo is dedicated to offering a wide range of resources and presentations aimed at empowering tax professionals to expand their knowledge and enhance their businesses. We've ensured that the entry fee for the expo is very affordable, making it accessible for everyone seeking to benefit from this educational opportunity.

The Thursday and Saturday portions of the event are entirely optional and complement the core educational experience. These additional days are designed for attendees who wish to enrich their expo experience with networking opportunities in a relaxed setting. For a list of optionals networking activities, visit our Agenda-at-a-Glance page.

Who is behind the organization of The TaxPro365 Expo, and what inspired its unique approach?

The TaxPro365 Expo is the brainchild of Rita Castillo. Rita's extensive experience includes managing expos for the IRS Tax Forums for more than ten years and leading event programs for NASA, showcasing her ability to craft impactful events. The inspiration for The TaxPro365 Expo stemmed from Rita's aspiration to revolutionize the conventional tax conference landscape by offering an experience that blends professional development with the vibrant, inspiring setting of the Caribbean. Our goal is to integrate learning with leisure, creating an environment where tax professionals can discover new business opportunities while forging lasting relationships. Read more...

How can I register for the conference?

To register for the conference, complete the online registration form.

Are there any accommodations or hotel discounts available for conference attendees?

Yes, accommodations and hotel discounts are available for conference attendees. For detailed information on available accommodations and exclusive discounts, please visit our hotel page by clicking here. There, you'll find all the necessary details regarding booking options and special rates specifically tailored for TaxPro365 Expo attendees. We recommend securing your accommodation early to ensure availability and to take advantage of any special offers. Make hotel online reservations.

What is the agenda for the conference?

The conference agenda is designed to facilitate networking and business development opportunities, featuring sessions on funding options for small businesses, the latest apps and tools for business growth, marketing strategies, and more. See Agenda-at-a-Glance.

Is there an early bird registration discount available?

Yes, early bird registration discounts are available. Be sure to register early to take advantage of these savings.

Are there any networking events scheduled during the conference?

Yes, networking is a key focus throughout the TaxPro365 Expo. The event is designed to facilitate connections and foster relationships among tax professionals and industry leaders. From organized meetups to vibrant pool and beach parties, as well as city tours, speed networking sessions, and the opportunity to meet in PRadise, every aspect of the expo is geared towards networking. We understand the importance of taking time to relax, regroup, and relaunch after the demands of tax season, and the TaxPro365 Expo provides the ideal setting for just that.

Can I earn continuing education credits by attending the conference sessions?

Yes, we are proud to partner with Freedom Tax School, an IRS-approved CE provider. Check our schedule to see which sessions qualify for CE credits. Join us for this exciting update and enhance your professional credentials!

Will there be exhibitors at the conference?

Yes, exhibitors will be present at the conference to showcase a diverse range of products and services relevant to tax professionals that want to grow year-round. The presence of exhibitors provides an excellent opportunity for attendees to discover new products, explore industry trends, and network with leading experts in the field.

What airport do I fly into Puerto Rico?

The nearest major airport is Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU / TJSJ).

Is transportation provided to and from the conference venue, as well as the airport?

Transportation is not included. The best way is to get to the hotel is to take a taxi or Uber.

If using the shuttle service, here is the information:

Standard, shared shuttle

Cost is $44 per person, each way, subject to a minimum charge of 2pax per transfer

Guests can book online at this link:

Shuttle operation hours (arrivals): 7AM-10PM

Shuttle operation hours (departure): 5AM-5PM

Are there any special events or activities planned outside of the conference sessions?

Yes, in addition to the conference sessions, several special events and activities are planned to enhance the overall experience for attendees. These events include the Power Breakfast, El Viejo San Juan Networking Meetup, and Tee-Up for Success Golf Outing Game or Class. Moreover, there will be more tours available for registered attendees, with details to be announced once you register to attend. These activities offer valuable networking opportunities, cultural experiences, and leisure options for attendees to enjoy beyond the confines of the conference sessions. We encourage all attendees to participate in these events to make the most out of their TaxPro365 Expo experience.

Are there any opportunities for sponsorship or exhibitor booths available?

Yes, there are indeed opportunities available for sponsorship and exhibitor booths at the TaxPro365 Expo. To learn more about these opportunities and how your company can get involved, please visit our sponsorship and exhibitor information page by clicking here or feel free to email us at expo@thetaxpro365expo. We welcome inquiries from organizations interested in showcasing their products, services, and expertise to our diverse audience of tax professionals.

Is there a dress code for the conference sessions?

Here's the breakdown of the dress code for various events at the TaxPro365 Expo:

- Friday Expo: Business casual attire is recommended.

-Welcome Pool/Beach Party: Beach attire is appropriate, including swimsuits for those wishing to take a dip.

-Power Breakfast and El Viejo San Juan Networking Meetup: Casual attire is suitable for these networking events.

-Tee-Up for Success Golf Outing: Please wear appropriate golf attire for this outing.

We hope this guide helps you prepare accordingly for each event.

Can I receive a refund if I am unable to attend the conference?

Registrations for The TaxPro365 Expo are non-refundable. However, if you are unable to attend the conference, we offer the option to transfer your registration. Please contact us at for assistance with transferring your registration to another individual. We appreciate your understanding of our refund policy and are happy to help facilitate registration transfers to ensure the smoothest experience possible for all attendees.

Are meals included with the conference registration?

Some meals are included with certain registration tiers at The TaxPro365 Expo. However, please note that the availability of meals depends on the specific registration package selected. Additionally, there will be meals available for purchase at the expo as well as from resort restaurants and eating outlets.

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